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 What Elemental Types are there

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PostSubject: What Elemental Types are there   Sat Jun 15, 2013 7:22 pm

A kitsune always needs to have at least one dominant element associated with it. Once they grow and become comfortable within their own skin, they can then choose to learn a second elemental path, a subordinate element. This second element will never be as powerful an ability as their primary, or dominant, element, but they will be able to use powers associated with it, as well as feed off of it if needed.
Some more powerful kitsune (generally nine-tailed ones) are able to control all of the elements to some slight extent, but this comes about only through centuries of training and great innate power. Do remember that nine-tailed kitsune in the dream must be approved by the Rah!

Celestial – Also known as Heaven kitsune, or the tenko. Most celestial kitsune serve under Inari; it is rare to find a celestial nogitsune. They are generally noble and protective to some degree, and are usually stalwart guardians. Their control extends to that of the heavens and starlight, although many people file these kitsune under the realm of 'light'. Celestial mages may be able to teleport at will, call upon creatures of magic, or throw meteors or balls of light at their opponents. Healing is also a discipline practised by the celestials. When feeding, the celestials have a range of options: they can take energy from magic and knowledge itself, drawing upon sorcerers, ley lines, temples, or even from books and oral stories. The books might become harder to read, or the storyteller might forget their tale. Starlight is also a prime feeding ground, and bold celestials might even take from the warmth of the sun. Light might therefore diminish when the celestials absorb energy.

Void – Known as the Dark kitsune in some traditions, or the reiko. Those of the void are often nogitsune, although there are those who swear to Inari as well, and the element as a whole is not viewed as 'evil'. Often, voidlings are rather dark and brooding in nature, and can be downright malicious and territorial at times. The void is the essence of nothingness, the absence of everything including darkness, but their powers generally revolve around the shadows and darker materials. Void-users can cause blights within the land, drain life, summon creatures of darkness, vanish into shadows, and drain light from areas. They feed upon darkened areas, such as marshes and swamps, leaving behind poisoned waters and dead critters. Shadows are also fed from, leaving mortals without shadows or already dark areas seemingly more bleak.

Wind – Sometimes known as the kuko or kouko. The windlings can be either kitsune or nogitsune just as easily, although they're usually a little more inclined to be on the mischievous side. These kitsune are often flighty and beset by wanderlust, and never really stay in one place for too long. Influencing the weather is an easy task for these kitsune, as is creating tornadoes or just a plain ol' nice breeze. The manipulation of ice and snow also falls under the realm of the wind kitsune, and blizzards and such can sometimes be attributed to them. Feeding from the wind leaves behind stale and hard-to-breathe air, although this can be swept away by a stronger, fresher breeze.

Earth – Known as the kokoge under our old system. The kitsune of the earth are solid and unyielding, and likely somewhat gruff in mannerisms. They're quite rooted in their ways, traditional at heart, and are more resistant to change than other kitsune can be. Their abilities include moving about rocks and piles of earth, transmuting rocks, minerals and other physical objects, and building structures, walls, etc. Burrowing through the ground wouldn't be very hard to do, either! Feeding from the earth would mean drawing upon stones and soil, likely resulting in blighted crops and other plants as the land becomes cracked and withered. 

Fire – The kitsune of fire were known as the tenku under our old system. Those of fire are apt to be quick tempered, constantly moving, and can be somewhat emotional and prone to fits of pique or even rage. Angering a fire kitsune would likely not be such a good idea, ehe. Many stories attribute fiery powers to all sorts of kitsune, and it's not too hard to imagine what the fiery ones' abilities center around! They create fire, control it, and have all sorts of fun with it – fox-fire is particularly easy for these kitsune to create. Manipulating heat could also lie within their range of abilities. Feeding from flames results in snuffage, and probably leaves behind something of a coat of ash.

Ocean – These were once known, together with those of the rivers, as the tsunamido. The kitsune of the ocean are usually stormy and tempestuous in nature; at one point calm and placid, and at another, raging and furious. They're usually quite the natural warriors. The oceandwellers, like those of the rivers, control water, but to a larger, often more violent scale – they can cause strong storms, floods, and tsunamis, and summon creatures from the depths of the oceans. When they feed from the oceans and waves, flat and still water is left behind, with the sea breezes and fishy creatures dying or leaving the area.

River – Together with the kitsune of the ocean, they once comprised the tsunamido. While the kitsune of the rivers are another water-elemented clan, they are more peaceful and calm than their more boisterious cousins. Beware, however, for rivers too can have their rapids! Most river kitsune are adept at healing, along with the celestials. They can create water in the form of rain or small torrents, and control creatures that live in the shallower waters, along with healing others and bringing plants and such to life about them. When they feed, those of the river take from the waters themselves, leaving tainted water, dead fishies, and dry riverbeds in extreme cases.

Forest – Those of the forest were once known as the monoshenki. The kitsune of the forest are a mixed batch; some are apt to be quiet and serene, strong as the trees about them, while others are more playful and mischievous, enjoying their frolics. Most of them, however, do end up quite attached to the places they haunt. The forest kitsune are adept at manipulating wood, trees, and other plants and creatures of the forest, and are well-known for their abilities at surviving in and blending into the woodlands. Many of them are quite good at working with herbs and roots in the form of salves and potions. While feeding, the forest kitsune wither trees and plants about them, and weaken animals in the vicinity.

Time – Once known as the tien-tin within Paradise. The kitsune of time are often quite contemplative and quiet, and are known for their abilities as oracles and seers. Some have a sometimes-irritating habit of being mysterious and tight-lipped. While they cannot travel through time, per se, kitsune of this element are able to speed up and slow down time at will, age and youthen targets, and predict future events. This is not the mastery of reality, but rather, the perception and manipulation of time. Time kitsune feed from the lifespan of things about them, aging them or otherwise shortening their time in the world. Time might also slow around them as they feed, making tasks seem longer or harder than expected.

Mountain – The mountain kitsune were once known as the kokoge, along with the kitsune of earth. These kitsune are often apt to be silent and withdrawn, preferring to observe for some time before acting on anything. The mountains, after all, have all the time in the world. Kitsune of the mountains are able to control the mountains, and the creatures that live in them. They can cause earthquakes, landslides, and other seismic events, sometimes even volcanic eruptions. They feed upon rocks, stones, and precious metals and gems, leaving behind crumbling or fragile minerals. If feeding upon a range of mountains or hills, they can transform them into barren wastelands of jagged rock.

Thunder – Once known as the sho-shu, in the old version of the lore. These kitsune are often apt to be loud and arrogant, booming, boastful and full of pride. Their roaring is usually quite matched by the strength of their abilities, so they do have reason to boast. Those practiced in the element can spontaneously create bolts of lightning, summon thunderstorms, and create shields of energy to protect themselves and others. One might even speculate they could control electrical objects, given the right sort of setting... They feed from storms and harsh weather about themselves, often leaving behind a stale and lifeless rain.

Spirit – Known as the koryo in some lore, as well as the old version of our dream. The spirit kitsune are said to be one of the 'bad' types, often turning up as nogitsune, and are sometimes referred to as 'ghost foxes' or 'demon foxes'. They're usually somewhat mysterious in nature, withdrawn from life, and can be quite dark-hearted. They are able to manipulate the spirit world and the demons and creatures that live therein. Spirit magic doesn't usually work too well on mortals, as they have souls rather than spirits – kitsune of this element usually need to wait for a mortal to die before their magic will work well on them, but can bind, summon, banish, ward, or trap spirits with ease. Some say they're more proficient than other kitsune at possessing other creatures. They feed on the spirits of other creatures, hunting and devouring them, usually destroying them entirely and leaving behind weak and lifeless ones if anything at all. They're one of the most likely types to harm people that they feed from.

Music – The kitsune of music were once known as the anoshatari. These critters are often polite and pleasant souls, and enjoy company. They're apt to be a bit more hedonistic than some other kitsune, taking pleasure from all life has to offer, and are even more practiced at seduction than the other elementals. They can control song and music, singing songs that are similar to spells, and are adept at the entrancement of others and warding off supernatural creatures. Need more hints? Think of banshees, sirens, and magical bards. The music kitsune feed off of music, poetry, and creative feelings connected with such. A musician fed from might lose inspiration or skill, or perhaps the music fed upon become lifeless and dull.
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What Elemental Types are there
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