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 Other Kitsune Abilitys

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Lyrica Lilac

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PostSubject: Other Kitsune Abilitys   Sat Jun 15, 2013 7:24 pm

Besides the elemental magics listed above, kitsune also have a few more innate powers under their belts. Tails. Whatever. The following is a short list of them.

Illusion – Kitsune are innate illusionists, and can create people, objects, and animals out of thin air that are indistinguishable from the real thing in all senses. More powerful kitsune are generally capable of seeing through the illusions of a weaker one. The more kitsune that gather to create an illusion, the more complex it can be – while one alone could create an illusionary figure, or a stack of weaponry, etc, many together could create an entire illusionary city.

Pocket Realms – Kitsune are able to fold the fabric of space and time, creating pockets of reality into homes for themselves and such. A little hole in the ground could become a castle, or a small field could become a kingdom complete with subjects and 'realistic' forces within. Mostly, these are just used as homes for an individual kitsune or family. Time seems to flow faster inside of them than out, and generally, one day spent in the real world is equivalent to seven years spent in the realm.

Seduction/Mind Control – By swaying their tails or holding a person's gaze, the kitsune is able to take over the mind of a target. The target is then host to the kitsune's wishes – they see, think, and live in a world designed by the kitsune, inside of the target's own mind. This seduction can continue on until it is broken by certain magics and wards, and is a purely magical force, not telepathic or what have you.

Foxfire/Kitsune-bi – By rubbing their tails together, a kitsune can produce a sort of lightning or fire. In a short range, most are able to breathe out fire as well. 'Fox lanterns' are created when the kitsune shapes fire into small balls to float about them, lighting and guiding their way. These balls can be used as weapons, or even toys, and are often one of the first powers to manifest.

Possession – Kitsune, as spirits, are capable of possessing humans, furres, and animals.

Shapeshifting – Kitsune are capable of transforming themselves into anything found in nature. Trees, rocks, forests, water, other creatures... You name it, they probably can do it. They do not, however, gain the innate abilities of the form they take – transforming into a dragon wouldn't give them dragon-like powers, for example – and are vulnerable to whatever can harm the form they choose. (Tree shaped kitsune are warned to beware of axes.) When possessing someone, the kitsune cannot shapeshift, but is capable of using illusions to 'approximate' shifting.

The Kitsune Ball – A small white ball with no special powers. It doesn't even glow! The kitsune seem to guard it quite jealously in tales, however, and if a mortal gets their hands on one, they can usually get the kitsune to aid them. Usually they're just used as a toy, but there are theories that the kitsune places a bit of their power into the ball while in human form or possessing mortals.
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Other Kitsune Abilitys
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