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 Kitsune Behavior and Ethics

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Lyrica Lilac

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PostSubject: Kitsune Behavior and Ethics   Sat Jun 15, 2013 7:30 pm

They generally follow their own ethical code, but will usually adapt to the morals of those around them, mostly for the sake of being accepted than anything else. 

Some common beliefs most kitsune share:

  • They tend to live in families, and work together. Kitsune do not normally cause havoc among themselves, and even myobu prefer to drive away offending nogitsune, rather than killing them.

  • Kitsune delight in finding a weakness in someone, and aggravating said weakness until others notice it. Immoral people find their weakness exploited so as to become more immoral, heading down the path of destruction. Moral ones may still be tricked or teased, in order to show them humility.

  • A kitsune always keeps his or her promises. If they do end up breaking one, they become self-destructive in behavior, and if someone breaks their promise to a kitsune, they become deadly enemies.

  • Kitsune can be very emotional, and their emotions can be a way to their undoing. Sorrow or guilt can distract or harm them, or even kill them outright.

  • Kitsune don't accept help from those who are unwilling. If one wishes to aid them, they must do it of their own free will. Kitsune don't like asking for help to begin with, so the offerer usually must initiate.

  • Aside from being emotional, kitsune are also very vengeful. Some can lose their tempers in a snap. Once someone has the hatred of a kitsune, the spirit will begin enacting a revenge that can get quite extreme. Those who have earned the kitsune's trust, however, will have a friendship that can last many trials.

  • Freedom is very important to kitsune. They don't like being bound or trapped, and will not accept being forced into something that they don't wish. Trapping the kitsune weakens it, and is frowned upon by other kitsune. 

Kitsune, when meeting each other, exchange their false names, and give a respectful bow. Usually, this includes a display of their tails, spread out evenly before being repositioned in whichever arrangement suits them.

True names are never given, except to the goddess Inari and he or she whom the kitsune takes as a life mate. Knowing the kitsune's true name gives a creature power over them. Characters should always be created with the kitsune's 'false name' – if you wish to come up with a true one for them, be sure you don't let anyone know in character unless you understand the responsibilities that come with another person knowing!

Kitsune, when trying to seduce each other, usually display their intentions pretty clearly using a rippling display of tails, and eventually wrapping their tails about the other. The interested-in party can decline or show their disinterest. Ignoring the warning signs and attempting three tries at seduction can warrant a challenge, and the would-be seducer might wind up with wounds instead of being sated.

Smacking another kitsune with one's tails is considered an insult, and a challenge. Usually this is delivered to the shoulders or sides – going for the face is rather grave! The victorious party in a fight will display their tails high and proud, while the loser might drag their own set through the dirt, showing their submission. This is all about fair combat, after all – mostly the battles between the kitsune are just rough and tumble games.

Kitsune do not fight to the death, nor do they wage war upon each other or the other elemental clans. The exceptions are nogitsune
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Kitsune Behavior and Ethics
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